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Friday, May 20, 2011

Mayweather's Below the Belt Tactics against Pacquiao

MANILA, Philippines - Floyd Mayweather Jr. and his camp will do anything to be constantly in the shadows of Saranggani Congressman Manny Pacquiao. While Mayweather and company have made it pretty tough for the much-awaited Pacquiao-Mayweather clash to materialize, they are making sure that they won’t be left out in the cold - at least not yet.

Notorious for making all the excuses a person can think of, Mayweather is known as the author of blowing up the much publicized steroid and performance-enhancing drugs issue pointing to the Saranggani Congressman. The issue has drawn varied reactions from pro and anti-Pacquiao camps but just the same, nothing has been proven and Manny is simply laughing them off.

It has been an irritating issue that has recurred and become pointless. Medical professionals have openly deliberated on the matter, sharing their medical inputs concerning the potential aftermath of using such banned substances. Regardless, the issue has become a broken record and is notably up in the air prior and after Pacquiao enters the ring.

On the professional side, Pacquiao is simply minding his business and continues to take on comers. Even without Mayweather in the list, the Pacquiao main events have been box office hits any boxing fan looks forward to. In fact, the probability of seeing Pacquiao retiring without facing Mayweather looms should the latter continue with his arrogant stand.

As for the unbeaten and rapidly aging Mayweather, his stars are slowly falling. Already stricken out of the pound for pound circle, he has managed to accumulate lawsuits and charges one after the other. The last of these series of problems is that of a criminal complaint which claimed that the former pound for pound king has committed two misdemeanor acts of harassment (LA Times Blog).

As for the PacMan, the mental attacks continue. The Mayweather camp starring Floyd Jr., his father Floyd Sr. and lately even his uncle, are out to try and tarnish the Pambansang Kamao’s credibility for as long as they can.

Foul as it may seem, the strategy is simply to stay in circulation to make sure that Mayweather is not totally erased (or forgotten) in the boxing circle. And by golly, it has been working at the expense of the Filipino prized boxer.

Saranggani Congressman Manny Pacquiao has once again opened the books on possibly pushing through with his planned lawsuits against the Mayweather camp. If ever Pacquiao resorts to step one, you can bet Mayweather to once again keep quiet and wait for everything to cool down.

However, that is a conservative approach. And if ever the Pacquiao camp does decide to pursue this case, it looks like they now have to get in line with the many cases the Floyd Mayweather Jr. has to deal with.

Source: mb.com.ph

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Mayweather to Pacquiao - "Just take the test"

Boxing legend Floyd Mayweather Jr in a recent 8 part video interview conducted by FightHype.com showed the fans his robe and boots that he had already designed for the fight Vs. Manny Pacquiao. Mayweather says that he was under the impression that the fight was a go. Floyd tells the fans that he had agreed to his end of the bargain, but that Pacquiao never did.

Listen to Part 8 of the interview HERE

The 8 part video interview does shed some light on Mayweather's side of things. 8CN gives all sides a fair shake, so we will give credit where credit is due and report what Floyd had to say during the interview.

Throughout the interview Mayweather on more than one occasion said, "Just take the test." This of course meaning that Pacquiao take random blood tests up to the day of the fight. The video interview gives boxing fans an opportunity to see Floyd away from boxing and in a more relaxed type of atmosphere. The multiple part interview gave Mayweather an opportunity to clear some things up that according to Floyd were misreported.

8CN has reported on more than one occasion that Floyd has indeed helped the homeless folks in Vegas and that he has done good charity work. This being said, we also reported on the arrests that were made on him, and his rants on Twitter and YouTube. Nobody is perfect, and Floyd is a human being just like the rest of us are.

Floyd has said some hateful things toward Filipinos in the past, so he will have quite a bit of damage control to do in order to regain some of their respect. That being said, it's not too late for Floyd to do what he has to do in order to regain a lot of support that he has lost over the past few years.

In the video interview, the fans do get to see a more relaxed and much less cocky Floyd Mayweather Jr. There is no doubt that Floyd knows how to sell tickets, and he plays the bad guy role like no other. Hopefully he can get the legal issues behind him, and we can get back to focusing on boxing again.

8CN will be reaching out to Team Pacquiao in the VERY near future for their side of things.

Source: 8countnews.com

Peddling bad blood

It’s no shame to confess that I chose to joining issues with the mainstream, after all, over the frenzy and hoopla generated by the speculated ring encounter between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather for all the marbles. It’s been so tempting.

Pro boxing could well steal the thunder in a year (2011) both the Olympics and the World (football) Cup are on vacation. But, whereas the companion world heavyweight title unification fixture involving the Klitschko dynasty (Vs Englishman David Haye) is confirmed, Pacman Vs Mayweather remains the king-sized speculation it has been since a few smart alecs first came up with the idea nearly two years ago.

My friend and colleague, Stanley Opokuma, keeps wondering aloud if ever – and, indeed, when – this presumed mega-event that is expected to surpass any other fixture in the history of ring combat will come up. At this moment of writing, it is still nowhere close to confirming both camps have accepted the challenges and paved the way for formalities to get underway.

Predictably, it is the view of the vast majority that the blitzkrieging Pacquiao will account for the Pretty Boy the same way he had left his last 13 opponents mangled, since embarking on the amazing trans-divisional invasion that has seen the Filipino win 10 titles scanning seven weight classes. Methinks it is because he has never met Mayweather.

It is the established thinking in boxing circles that a boxer – no matter how good he is – tends to leave his punch behind him as he transits to higher categories. True enough, proven ring legends from the past, including Robert ‘Hands of Stone’ Duran and Henry Armstrong, merely overwhelmed their foes with guile and sheer volume of punches thrown.

Pacquiao has proved to be exception to the proven theory, delivering improved versions of the same consuming aggression and punch that is his major forte as one that cannot be resisted by any boxer 147 pounds and under.

However, it is the new shape this cherished event is taking that bothers me. No matter what, boxing is a sport that is played by normal humans, as opposed to the sister wrestling which is largely determined by actors/actresses following the script.

Not that boxing has never had its own script and actors. Perhaps the most notable actor of them all has to be Muhammad Ali who was the game’s greatest salesman. Whatever he did during his active fighting days was intended to promote/sell tickets for his bouts.

Ali called his opponents names for which he may not have been pardoned till this day. He called Joe Frazier an Uncle Tom at the time Ali was contending with the US establishment. Next, he called him a gorilla in the days leading to the memorable Thriller in Manila in 1975.

At that time, Muhammad Ali was beginning to feel the threat of losing his place to a rival who was the main factor while he (Ali) remained inactive. But it was all so decently orchestrated as it left no bad blood with the generality of the populace till this day.

Floyd Mayweather feels the threat of losing his place he had earned during his fighting days. It is 40 months Pretty Boy has been out of contention since dispatching Englishman Ricky Hatton in defense of his welterweight marbles December 2007. He has engaged in just two non-threatening non-title contests vs Juan Marquez and Shane Mosley.

In Mayweather’s absence, Pacquiao has taken over every available space with truly breath-taking performances that have caught all attention. Which leaves the immediate ex-Pound-for-Pound king with very little left.

But while Ali went about the campaign to reclaim his glory from Frazier in a decent way, same cannot be said of what Pretty Boy is up to. Thus far, Mayweather has embarked on a smear campaign that is only marginally short of calling the Filipino an abnormal human activated by drugs.

When Mayweather first demanded Pacman undergo a special blood test a week from the contest as part of the conditions to which acceptance of the proposition is subject, it raised eyebrows questioning the American’s courage. But that was only the beginning of a far more sinister campaign orchestrated underground.

Currently, there’s a flood-gate of internet letters referring to Pacquiao as gay and coming from a country of indecent citizens not fit to live among decent people. It is not known how Pacman and his countrymen are reacting – or will react – to this rather unsporting campaign intended to brand an entire nation in the negative.

To be fair to Mayweather, it is not established that he is directly in link with this new development. Yet, considering his past antecedents which clearly portray him as a brash young man lacking in discipline and self-control, posting such a bill on Pacman is not beyond him.

Outside the ring, I have had the privilege of encountering Pacquiao who, certainly, has a lot to show besides his dizzying accomplishments. His private lifestyle that has thus far, not brought him into any controversy, coupled with his election as a honorable Congressman in his native Philippines, are feats Floyd may never dream of in his whole lifetime.

Source: vanguardngr.com

Monday, May 16, 2011

Manny Pacquiao: Boxing Needs to Step Up

It was an incredible sports weekend RSR fans, but for a moment, forgive me. As I loved the fight between Pacquiao vs Mosley resulting in a clear cut victory for my beloved Pacquiao, my team, my former defending NBA World Champion Los Angeles Lakers are OUT of the playoffs.

I was on a high on Saturday after the Pacquiao win, but after Sunday, I’m ehhh.

It is that finally emoticon that summarizes how I might feel after a blah date. But please, no tears RSR Readers, I am here, ready to give you my take on the Mosley – Pacquiao bout. And you know what, it’s not pretty – about as bad, if not worse than how my Lakers did against the Mavericks. But give me a moment, I’m just wallowing.

I’ll start with the obvious post fight visual. After the winner was announced, did all of you catch a glimpse of Mosley’s face and skull? He took a few hits from Pacquiao and stated, as he removed an ice pack, “Pacquiao has power.” Mosley should have taken more risks and create an offense, but as one Showtime commentator stated, “Mosley showed all the signs of the aging fighter.”

Throughout the fight, Mosley found himself mostly retreating, unable to counter effectively and create an effective offense and defense. In other words, his mind was “willing, but his body not” willing to take a risk and attack. Mosley looked surprised, but felt the brunt of Pacquiao’s power.

As for Pacquiao, he fared pretty well against Mosley. He looked a bit more cautious in his offense and his tremendous output of punches was cut in half. First, Paquiao admitted at the end of the bout that he had “leg issues and it was less than a perfect performance.” One commentator stated, Pacquiao was “without his A-game, but still won.” This bout demonstrated that Pacquiao is a more disciplined and fit fighter and he seems to do well at 145 lbs. I think any heavier than 145 pounds, Pacquiao may lose his performance speed.

More significantly, if Pacquiao should fight anyone heavier, he could feel the impact of the power more. If you look a little more closely at Pacquiao, his right eye was also a bit swollen, which means that Mosley connected a few as well. Pacquiao is a much better boxer technically and has a controlled, effective aggression and he earned the judges’ scorecards. In defense of his WBO Welterweight title, the final scorecards read as follows: 119-108, 120-108, and 120-107.

So, RSR readers, the bout wasn’t even close.

So, that’s the post fight assessment. With every Pacquiao bout, I usually give Pacquiao about two or three rounds to figure out his opponents. But in this bout, whether or not his legs tightened up, Pacquiao did not produce very many punches from all angles as he normally does.

According to one stat, Pacquiao landed 182 of 552 punches along with 48 jabs of 268. As we know from both the Clottey and Margarito bouts, he usually produces over 1,000 punches in a bout without expending too much energy. Pacquiao will win a fight because his productivity is endless and he doesn’t allow his opponent to ever look busier. Mosley perhaps, in his reluctance, couldn’t put together the amount of punches he needed to show he could take the fight away from Pacquiao. In the opening round, Mosley did his best to make solid shots to the body. Pacquiao also looked relaxed and had a tentative offense as he tried to figure out Mosley.

In the 2nd round, there was a clash of heads, but Pacquiao put together enough combinations to show that he was about to take control of the fight. Finally, it happened, in the 3rd round, Pacquiao landed a solid left hook and Mosley got knocked down convincingly as the champion fighter had a glazed look on his face while he was on the mat.

Had Pacquiao been a heavier, KO puncher, he could have ended the fight. But since Mosley hasn’t ever been knocked out, a KO result would have been a tough one for Pacquiao to pull off.

So, RSR fans, the fight continued…and continued. And, not much to really comment on. Pacquiao was winning the bout. He was a more tactically strong boxer. But then, in the 10th round, Mosley scored a knockdown, in what really, fight fans, looked like a push.

I think Mosley even looked surprised.

The bout ended with a dazed Mosley just wondering how it is the Filipino fighter managed to generate his power. It left no doubt for Mosley that Pacquiao is the best pound for pound fighter. And, he should know, he’s faced Mayweather JR and he lost. But give credit to Mosley for making a fight with Pacquiao happen. It’s definitely more than can be said about Mayweather JR.

It’s definitely sad to say that I have to agree with the Showtime commentators that Sugar Shane Mosley definitely showed he has to reconsider the ‘R’ word in boxing – retirement. Although his body may be willing, he was really outclassed mentally and psychologically.

Mosley has shown heart throughout his career and he provided great challenges to his opponents, but he is definitely a different Mosley than from 10 years ago. And, it’s the naturally progression of a boxing career. Mosley should be proud that he went the distance against the best boxer in the world and he really didn’t need this bout. But actually, he showed a courageous fight against a superior boxer. He even took a pay cut, so to speak, by accepting $5 million for the fight as Pacquiao was guaranteed $20 million.

I also give a nod to Showtime and Top Rank for making the bout a premier event. I admit that I am used to HBO Commentators Jim Lampley, Emanuel Stewart, and Larry Merchant. And, I missed the Lederman card. But, there was something more straight laced in this bout. With the Super Six Middleweight Tournament coming to a close, Showtime and its commentators have provided a fresh new voice to boxing and have revamped the sport and spectacle of a sport that definitely needs some excitement.

So, as I write this article, internet rumors are whirling. I don’t read them all because we all know that not everything we read on the internet is true. Regardless, the rumor afloat right now is that Floyd “Money” Mayweather, JR may be fighting Victor “Vicious” Ortiz, 29-2-2, 22 KO’s. Do you remember Ortiz? He fought against Andre Berto, 27-1, 21 KO’s in April and earned the 12 round unanimous decision for the WBC Welterweight title.

Ortiz is also currently ranked #2 among welterweights. Mosley is now ranked #3 and Berto ranks at #4. Noticeably absent from the list? Floyd Mayweather, JR remains absent as well as inactive. With the current state of boxing, the sport needs a big bout and the only bout that should happen is Pacquiao vs Mayweather JR. The bout needs to happen. And luckily there is still enough time in the year to make the mega-bout the premier fight of the year.

So far now, as I mourn the loss of my Lakers, I’d offer that with this bout, Manny Pacquiao won the bout convincingly as a skilled, powerful, and technical fighter. And, right now, he can and will take on anyone willing to fight him.


Friday, May 13, 2011

Fans want Pacquiao vs Mayweather

MANILA, Philippines — Sarangani Rep. Manny Pacquiao scored another ho-hum victory by outfoxing, outhitting and overpowering Sugar Shane Mosley.

Pacquiao’s unanimous decision victory was cheered by the millions of fans over at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas and the people who watched the match via pay-per-view. Others were glued to their radios where the outcome had already been known as early as lunch time in Manila.

Among the highlights of the bout included that 3rd round knockdown and the controversial push that merited a count from referee Kenny Bayless in the 10th round. Mosley, who chose to fight defensively and dodge Manny’s attacks got booed even if the “Pambansang Kamao” tried his best to give the fans a good show.

As per promoter Bob Arum, they will be sitting down next week to discuss who Pacquiao’s next opponent will be.

The names of Juan Miguel Marquez and Timothy Bradley have been mentioned although based on reports, Marquez will be his next opponent this coming November.

While the third installment of the Pacquiao-Marquez match-up appears interesting, fans would like to Pacquiao collide with the controversial Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Negotiations were made before but Mayweather’s demands have become too much for Pacquiao’s camp (which included that Olympic-style drug testing rant), a sign that Mayweather may indeed be just trying to make excuses to avoid a confrontation with the pound-for-pound king.

At the time of these negotiations, Pacquiao and Mayweather were practically on the equal footing.

With Mayweather being taken out of the list and at the same time in trouble with all the lawsuits, a light of hope may yet rekindle that this much awaited dream match where Pacquiao obviously has the upper hand right now.

But the earliest that this could happen is probably by 2012 after the brewing bout between Pacquiao and Marquez.

Pacquiao and Marquez first met in 2004 where the match ended in a questionable draw. Marquez got floored three times in the first round in their match but still managed to escape with a draw.

Source: mb.com.ph

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Floyd Mayweather: No Manny Pacquiao Next, but Maybe Champion Victor Ortiz

Floyd Mayweather and No Manny Pacquiao Next, but Maybe Champion Victor Ortiz

While Floyd Mayweather won’t admit that he watched the Manny Pacquiao fight, I bet my bottom dollar that he was watching it closely.

Mayweather is scared and now it looks like he will try to dodge the Pacquiao bullet again by fighting WBC Welterweight Champion Victor Ortiz.

Ortiz tells Kansan.com:

Next, Ortiz will face Floyd Mayweather Jr. The details of the fight are still being worked out, but Ortiz said contracts should be signed soon.

“I have been striving for success, to be that All-American and to be all that I can,” Ortiz said.

MUST READ: Manny Pacquiao vs. Shane Mosley: "Sugar" Shane's Sweetest Knockouts (With Video)

While I feel Mayweather is the better fighter, Ortiz has the ability to rock a rusty fighter that doesn’t take him serious. I hope this is just the appetizer for Mayweather and he is eyeing Pacquiao as his main dish.

While this all sounds good, there are serious flaws in Ortiz story.

Ortiz tells KUSports.com:

WBC welterweight champion Victor Ortiz, a native of Garden City, told the Journal-World on Tuesday night that he plans to fight Floyd Mayweather Jr. on Sept. 16 in Las Vegas.

“I just need to look at the contract and make sure everything is OK. It’s not 100 percent sure yet, but that’s what I’m setting my sights on.”

I want to believe him, but it doesn’t seem likely. September 16 is a Friday and there are other big fights scheduled that weekend including the Miguel Cotto-Antonio Margarito Rematch on September 17 in Las Vegas.

Source: bleacherreport.com

Shane Mosley Says Pacquiao the Strongest Puncher He's Faced

Shane Mosley has been in the ring with some guys who can punch, and some great fighters.

Since turning pro in 1993, Mosley has faced a who's who list of star fighters during his era. Floyd Mayweather Jr., Oscar de la Hoya (twice), Vernon Forrest (twice), Winky Wright (twice), Miguel Cotto, Antonio Margarito, Ricardo Mayorga, Fernando Vargas (twice), and many other top fighters.

Last night, the 39-year-old Mosley was a clearly spent force in the ring, and in the third round, he was sent to the canvas. The expression on Mosley's face, if you go back and watch it, appears to be honest surprise. Lem Satterfield of BoxingScene.com reports that Mosley's expression was the real deal:

"I'm not sure if there weren't openings that I couldn't pull the trigger on, but there were shots that I couldn't see. I've been knocked down by Vernon Forrest, so that was a strong knockout punch. But this second time, that couldn't compete with Manny Pacquiao," said Mosley.

"I was pretty hurt. I was pretty stunned. It surprised me, because I didn't think that it was a big shot when he threw it. But Manny Pacquiao was very strong," said Mosley.

Part of this is probably that Shane Mosley is, you know, 39 years old and all that, but Shane has taken some strong punches over the years, and taken them as well as anyone. His chin has been proven time and again as exceptional. And not only did Mosley obviously feel Manny's power and hit the mat, but it seemed to stay in his mind the rest of the fight. Even more than having difficulty pulling the trigger, Mosley tried his damnedest to stay away from Manny Pacquiao for the rest of the fight. Shane Mosley has never run before. Last night, you can say

Source: badlefthook.com